Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sweden Trip Day 3 - City Mouse/Country Mouse Part 1

Today we hopped on the bus early and headed to Malmö!

First things first, I had to exchange my money so we stopped at the local Forex so I could get me some cold hard kronor. Silly me, I was really worried about being able to figure out how much things were, how much I was spending, your basic foreign country exchange stuff, ha!!! Come to find out, I do have a talent! All of my years of shopping and spending have given me an uncanny ability to figure out foreign money! That and food...but of course...

One funny thing happened on the bus, a young kid got on and as we got closer to the center of town more and more people were getting on the bus, all of a sudden this old lady gets on and motions to him with a scowl and a finger to give up his seat for her - I don't know if that is common there, but here that 15 year old would have been all up in her grill...sassy American delinquents!

Two old ladies on the bus! Who wouldn't give up their seats!

One of my first downtown pictures - supposed to be of my mom, but I was distracted by the cute guy in the leather jacket - I told him he was going to be a super star - he laughed!

Kerstin and I standing outside the Osthuset, my brother's favorite, The Cheese House.

Look at all that awesome cheese! Scandinavians love their cheese and bread!

I believe this is traditional old Skåne house architecture. Now it is a trendy gallery (with a kick ass store) that was having a private party my Aunt Kerstin tried to crash, I kept saying, I think it's a private party, I think she was pretending she didn't understand...only because later she commented on it to my mother and laughed...

Me petting one of the many cat sculptures along one of Malmö's canals, or maybe it's THE canal, I'm not sure.

Mom and Kerstin had this great shrimp sandwich at lunch - yum! I was still a bit under the weather so I opted for chicken.

The dreaded Coke Light - whatever.

So my mom will kill me for putting this in, but she said when she was a girl her mom would make her come down here to fish my grandpa out of this exact bar! I love it! Now it's been yuppified - what a shame, but still I'm liking the geraniums.

Kerstin took the bus home after lunch, my mom and I decided to walk part way home through Pildammsparken (the Willow Lake Park), the largest park in Malmö. For some reason I'm fascinated with big hedges.

Crown Princess Margareta's pavilion is one of the remnants of the 1814 Baltic Exhibition.

Mom whipping cream for desert after dinner. I took a picture of everyone at the table, but it was too blurry for blogging...bummer! I loved how every table was set.

Oh sure, we also stopped at the equestrian statue of King Karl X Gustav, St. Peter's Church, the oldest building in Malmö, dating from the early 14th century, and various other old historical buildings, but the pictures I took were not that great, and I was enjoying taking pictures of food, family and the bar my grandpa used to drink at! Fun times!

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Timi said...

Love all the photos. What a fun time. I bet this trip gave you the travel bug bad!