Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweden Trip Day 4 - Mickey Appears!

Our day started out with my mom, Berit and myself venturing over to the island of Ven (Hven), for a nice day of bike riding. One of the interesting sights on the island is the Tycho Brahe Museum. Tycho Brahe was an instrumental astronomer and alchemist, who was not without his less than fine points. However, his work laid the groundwork for many others. If you are interested in history and science I recommend reading up on Tycho Brahe, it's fascinating. The most interesting parts to me were of course, his views of women, his garden and his relation to astrology.

My pictures do the island no justice - it is absolutely beautiful!

Berit and I waiting for the ferry to leave.

Our arrival...

The countryside...

I thought this would make a great picture because of the bikes, then when I got home I noticed the toilet sign...I guess I shouldn't give up my day job...

I just loved the juxtaposition ($7 word) of the red geraniums and the somberness of the background...too bad you can't tell it's the beautiful St. Ibb's old church and cemetery up a cliff overlooking the ocean...and it's blurry...ya, I think I missed my calling...thank God for web links...

View of the harbor...

I just liked this house and garden...there were a million of these cute things on the island.

We actually rode our bikes through this field all the way from the farthest point on the horizon - I loved it!

We packed a little picnic lunch.

No self respecting Swede would be caught without coffee on any excursion.

Berit and I coming around the bend!

Just a note to make everyone feel bad - my Aunt Berit is 76 years old and made her way around that island like a champ on her bike! Old age, shmold age!

After our day of bike riding we high-tailed it on over to of all places, the dollar store, Öob, which it turns out is one of my brother's favorite Swedish stores, and then City Gross, which is kind of like a Target Greatland or Super Walmart. I know it sounds corny, but I felt the same way about these stores as I did the grocery store - happy to be there.

When we got home we got ready to go up to Tony's house for dinner. Here are the highlights:

This is the sign to turn down the one mile dirt road to Berit's house. I asked her if she ever has problems in the winter, "I always get out", is what I was told.

My mom took this picture of her big sister while cracking up because of the urchin-fab look.

Another beautiful smörgåstårta, made by Tony, curry chicken...we had strawberries and cream for dessert - YUM!

Mickey! I asked my mom, did Tony name the fox? No, Mickey is just a nickname people use for foxes in general, like we would use it if we saw a mouse.

Everyone, grab your shoes quick!

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Timi said...

WOW! Great pictures! Makes me want to go on a trip.
Is that it? Will there be more posts? I'm lovin the pictures of your trip