Monday, April 7, 2008

What should this be?

I am still trying to decide what I would like this to be...for now I'm just going to write about things I see around the web I think are interesting and things happening in my life.

Lately I have been in to finding out about my heritage - especially since my mom is turning 70. She is Swedish - I am first generation American. I recently started taking Swedish language classes because I realized when she is gone her Swedish will die with her. The rest of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. all live in Sweden and without my mom to interpret we will probably lose touch. I am carrying the torch! Although, unlike Americans, most of them speak at least two languages and know English well.

My Swedish class is great. I am in my third quarter and now we have a nice core group of 5 of us who are serious about learning the culture and language. I take my class through Bellevue Community College in Bellevue Washington. BCC seems to have a really great foreign language program in their Continuing Education department. They even started offering Finnish this quarter. I was contemplating taking it but my Swedish instructor had said Finnish was similar to Hungarian, Norwegian was most similar to Swedish and Icelandic was the equivalent to Norwegian as Old English is to modern English. I am not sure where Danish fits into all of this, but I have decided my next language will be Norwegian.

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