Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 47

In my boot camp we have four different types of classes, bag work, sticks, circuit and strength training. Last time I went through the boot camp I hated, well maybe that's a strong word, strongly disliked strength training. Strength training classes were always the ones I contemplated ditching. I didn't, but it consumed my thoughts on those nights. I finally have figured out it's not the strength training I dislike - it was the teachers!

I believe Jason, our instructor tonight, was actually teaching the last time I went through but there are so many sessions I just never had one of his classes. The two classes with Jason this week have made me look forward to strength training! Yea!

In case anyone from class reads this, I liked the other strength trainers on a personal level, they were really nice, fun people - but it just goes to show you how the right teacher for you can make the difference. Let's see if I'm saying that in 9 more weeks!

I finished week 1!

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WSU Laura said...

Way to go! Congratulations. Are you feeling more energized? Can't wait to hear more.